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Good intentions

Xavier Bordoy

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My best intentions to next course

In summer of 2013, I attended XVI JAEM. I went to several conferences of Anton Aubanell and Sergi del Moral. When the JAEM was finished, I planned the classes for the next course. By this reason, I visited the web page of Sergi del Moral1 looking for new educational resources. Via this post, I discovered Dan Meyer’s site and I was atonished with the philosophy behind 3-acts activities.

Because I was new in my school and I had not serious experience with adults education, I had no time to incorporate these activities into my classes. However, I decided to do that in some near future. Meanwhile I added Dan Meyer’s site to my RSS reader. One of his posts, pointed me to Greoff Krall’s site and I used his “guide” of how transform routinary activities to interesting ones2 for making a matching activity among domains, graphs, algebraic expressions and tables of values (Bordoy 2014).

It is two years since this decision and it is the time to action. I want to teach somehow different, with the minimum of magisterial sessions as I can. Three-acts operas are one way of doing that (Geoff Krall sneaky activities are another). So the plan is to create and use 3-acts operas as well as other non-magisterial activities for improving my classes.

Sharing is great and I appreciate the work of Dan Meyer, Geoff Krall and other teachers who share their work without any other interest but the appropiate credit and community feedback. I want to do the same. So here is my blog. I would be very glad if some material is good for you. Meanwhile, the blog could serve me as a documentary tool.


Bordoy, Xavier. 2014. “Activitat d’emparellament de Domini, Gràfica, Expressió Algebraica I Taula de Valors.”

  1. Then, I already knew the site of Anton Aubanell and its materials, which I used (and have used) several times in my classroom.↩︎

  2. He called them “sneaking activities”.↩︎