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About this site. Tools used for built it, license of the contents, etc.


This site is for storing all my teaching stuff: activities, exercises for students, resources, my blog.

The contents of this site are written, basically, in Catalan and English. The last one is not my mothern tongue so you might detect some grammatical mistake in documents written in such language. Also, the expressivity in English documents is not what I wish. In case you detect any mistakes, please let me know using any of the above-mentioned contact channels. If you think that any part of this site could be improved, please let me know also.

All opinions and contents in this site are mine except each commment which belongs to its author or where explicityly stated.

Some rights reserved

Except where otherwise noted, the content on this repository (including comments) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. This means, essentially, that you are free to use, modify and distribute the contents of this site as long as you give appropiate credit, provide a link to the license and indicate if changes were made. For more information, see the legal terms of the license.

I intend to use works licensed under a Creative Commons licence or in public domain. I prefer CC-BY and CC-BY-SA because I think they fits better my needs: they allow translations and modifications (the NoDerivatives licenses does not allow them). In case I could not use these kinds of licenses and I need to use classic copyrighted materials, the use of works is done under the protection of:

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Last, I add a legal warning: I’m not responsible for the use of contents of this site which you make and obviously the contents of this site could be inacurated and biased. You should have good critera to decide to use them or not in your classroom or in any other situation.


For building this site, I have used free, or at least open source, software and documentation. Specificaly, I have used the following items:

  • I use tiddlywiki for write, edit, delete and search documents. I wrote a simple script for convert JSON exported wiki entries to Markdown files.
  • GNU Make for compiling documents. It basically calls Pandoc
  • Ruby and ERB are used for making small scripts for generating Atom syndication files
  • A modified Pan-am CSS file
  • The darkhttpd web server for testing purposes and for generating correcly the screenshots
  • Imagemagick and ffmpeg for image and video conversion
  • For managing comments, I wrote a simple program in flask. Previously, I used isso.
  • I use the image “Jugar Música Películas Portátil 468292” by Mediengestalter CC0 licensed reescaled at 240x240 pixels for making shots of videos.
  • This site is hosted in Linode. You can use the referal code 5500f43490f9b199360a9a95c2b541281e542100 for letting me to earn $20 in credit
  • For building this site, I have used very intensively the documentation in StackOverflow, licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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