(new activity) It’s raining

Xavier Bordoy


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New activity: it’s raining. Three things you could ask when it’s raining

As one of my favorite blogroll authors does, I’ve decided to write a post every time I upload a new activity. Or at least when I upload an interesting one. Thus I could explain why I would choose this activity and how I would made it. And people who are subscribed to my blog could discover new activities (I remember that you could also subscribe to my set of activities)

On October 6th, it rained at my house:

video to vimeo

So I saw, immediately, the chance to make some questions:

  • How much did it rain when rainfall is finished? Because of that, I decided to put my watering can outdoors and then mesure the water inside [can you see in the video?].
  • Because there is an storm, could we prove the “Rule of Lightning and Sound”: Seconds/5Seconds/5 is the distance between the storm and my house?
  • The day after the rainfall, there will be official records of rainfall (we have a network of weather stations). So, can I estimate the amount of rainfall from their records? By this reason, I’ve choosen near weather stations and I’ve made a interactive map with rainfalls (between 00h - 24h on October 6h) and put my home in red on the map (it is not really my home ;-))

You have the whole activity here: in english and in catalan