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Xavier Bordoy

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"bitàcola" "opinió dels alumnes" "enquesta" "estadística" "professor" "avaluació"


My students assess me with a regular poll (at the end of each course) and I analize my week points

The custom

I accustom to pass a (anonymous) poll to my students at the end of the course1. With this, my students can assess me and I can see what are my good points and what have to improve in the next course. I think this time is the only oportunity they have to express their opinion about their teacher (me). I am not scared about any result, because I trust that the mean of the results and common sense compensates the optimal and pessimal opinions.


Here is my poll (translated from catalan):

My poll: sheet #1
My poll: sheel #2

You can download the pdf and its source.2

Here are my results until now since I have taught in adults school:

Poll Results. SVG format available


I could say that:

  • My good points are Q5, Q15, Q17, Q19 and Q20
  • My week points are Q1, Q2, Q18, Q22, Q26 and Q27

So I have to improve the contents (they have to be more real life and interesting contents) and participation (the students lack of participation). For doing that, my plan is to change from traditional manner of doing class to a problem-based one. I do not know how I will do it but now, with the helping resources of MTBoS, the transition will be, surely, more smooth.

What kind of questions would you include?

On the other hand, another important question is which items you consider important for making a teacher assessment poll? Perhaps you could comment it out…

  1. I remember that I work at an adults school in Spain and that the courses of secondary school equivalent are of four months.↩︎

  2. I made the poll with ConTeXt, a typing software similiar to LaTeX↩︎